Superlastic Spring Machine mattress program professional consultant —Sidenburg mattress machine

Before the Superlastic Spring Machine was introduced to the market, many factories that made mid-market sponge mattresses wanted to increase the production line of spring mattresses, but nowadays there are too many factories producing Bonnell mattresses, and they want to produce pocket spring mattresses, but the cost Too high, not in line with market demand, resulting in the plan has not been implemented.

Superlastic Spring Machine

This problem, after the customer knows that Stenburg produces Superlastic Spring Machine and is the industry leader, the problem is solved. Stenburg mattress machine provides you with a complete solution, saving procurement time and communication time, high degree of Superlastic Spring Machine automation, easy operation and saving labor. Cost, product innovation, to meet more process requirements of customers.

Superlastic Spring Machine

After the customer purchases our Superlastic machine, because of the stable performance of the machine, the engineer will go to the customer's factory for installation, commissioning and training the employees to use the machine for the first time. Because the material is saved by 30%, the cost of producing the mattress is greatly reduced. Quickly occupy the market and get the praise of customers. Thank you very much for your customers, this is the driving force we have been moving forward.


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