Fully Automatic Pocket Spring Machine Manufacturer

Do you have serious issue of serious problems of your pocket spring machines like unstable performance, inaccurate pocket spring specifications, troublesome daily maintanence, easily broken spare parts and so on?

pocket spring machines

Stenburg is a professional manufacturer to produce high speed automatic pocket spring machine with high capacity and stable performance. Zoned pocket unit mattress is available for high class mattress manufacturers. We can make pocket spring coiling machine and assembling machine to be a fully automatic production line to increase production speed and save manpower. One worker can operate production line easily . Thanks to stable performance of high quality electric components mattress manufacturers don’t need to afford high after sales cost.

pocket spring machines

Stenburg pocket spring machine has been sold to Europe, North america, South america, Asia and so on. Thanks to trust of the clients we have kept our advanced pace to innovate more machines to improve the capacity for mattress manufacturers.


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